As a person, we can have a lot of desires within us. Some could be our inherent interest some could have been ignited after meeting a person or situation. We all want to evolve in our lives, it could be better finances, fitness, or be it our mental health or any other desire which we hold close to our heart.

Reaching our destination or desired state involves a lot of distance. The travel is not very easy. It is full of puzzles, hurdles, and short cuts that can take you to the very beginning. It is similar to a snakes and ladders game. During all these adventures we can get demotivated and sad assuming we are not making any progress.

Comparing it to a real-life activity which will help us to co-relate. A stonecutter precisely hits with a hammer multiple times on the humongous boulder. There is no specific count after which the boulder splits into pieces, it could be 1, 10, or even 1000. The stone cutter’s perseverance is very critical. It was not the last hit which caused the boulder to break but the steady and continuous hit that was generated. Similar in our lives, we mold ourselves in various tasks or activities. Stick to the process unless it is finished, what if you are just one hit away to split the boulder.