How to avoid unnecessary clutter?

How many times in your life you were anxious or fearful for some future outcome? Dreaded the traffic? Tensed about a meeting outcome (not the public speaking or presenting part)? Assumed the relationship wouldn’t work? And the list goes on.

Did one of these or similar situations struck you in the past or hovering around you now? More often than not, the reason behind it is that as a human being we like to stay happy and perfect in our lives by following the known roads so that we are ready to handle the situation. We forget the happy moments and remember the gamut of bad experiences. Isn’t it? Is your answer to this NO?

In that case, I would suggest to take a pen and paper and write at least 25 situations which made you happy and you are proud of. Note the time it took for you to write those down. Now, note down the anxious or bad memories you might have had on the piece of paper. The difference between the time taken to complete both the lists will speak for itself.

Suggestion: Whenever the mind drifts, take a pause and breathe consciously. Yes, simple conscious breathing will change everything like a miracle. Majority of evil thoughts that comes to our mind are just drifting. Stay focused and breathe consciously to avoid getting involved in those evil thoughts.


Empathy is too rare

The biggest challenge we face today is not that we are surrounded by too many problems but that everyone else has too many solutions to our problems. Isn’t that ironic?

Though, if you think a bit deeper you will see that, more often than not, people aren’t looking for solutions to their problems. They just want someone who can sit and listen to what they have to say. That’s it – NO feedback, NO nonsense and NO reactions whatsoever – NO thanks!

However, this is a hard pill to swallow for our talented brains. We have all the solutions in the world for the people who don’t even need them.

Well, hold off!

If you really want to make a difference in someone’s life, to help them attain their maximum potential and to help them stand strong in tough situations, then before jumping to any assumptions or conclusions – show some EMPATHY – sit with them for a while, have a brief discussion over a cup of coffee, have a walk etc. Listen to them without judging them. You will be surprised to know that almost every time you will find that your solution doesn’t even fit to their situations but your presence is what made all the difference.

KNOWLEDGE can help you SOLVE, but EMPATHY can definitely help you EVOLVE.




Recently, an interesting study was carried out in order to better understand the factors responsible for success. How a few of us overachieve in their life by overcoming all the fears and barriers. Irrespective of their circumstances, they prove themselves and get themselves going forward no matter what.

To understand the root of successful people, this study analyzed a bunch of possible parameters such as intelligence, IQ, family backgrounds, financial status, education backgrounds, and lifestyles, which the analysts thought could define ‘Success’. This exercise was carried out on subjects with lower intelligence vs higher intelligence, with exceptional IQ vs moderate IQ people, with strong family backgrounds vs weak family backgrounds, with rich vs poor, with college dropouts vs Ph.D. holders. However, surprisingly, none of these factors helped them reach to any conclusion, whatsoever.

So, what is it that actually decides your success?

The study found that it is the ‘GRIT’ that differentiates the underachievers from over performers. Its the potential of getting yourself back into the game when you are hit the hardest that matters the most.

Those who never stop trying are the ones who actually succeed.