जूनून ये तेरा …

हम तो कल तक समुन्दर किनारे कश्तियाँ ढूँढ़ते थे मियां
वो था की शौक से मिलता था मौजो से
गिरता भी था तो बस संभल जाने के लिए

हम आज भी कश्ती में हैं
और वो आज भी दरिया तेर के पार करता है


Disappointed or grateful?












Natural calamities can be disappointing,
Losing a match can be disappointing,
Working on weekends can be disappointing,
Heavy traffic along the route can be disappointing,
Sunburns can be disappointing,
Death can be disappointing,
The list is infinite for a lifetime and we miss enjoying.

Perspective is very essential,
Apt perspective is the differential.

Some outcomes can be managed,
Work on those for your advantage.

Some are not in our control,
In those cases apt perspective is viable.

When situations are not manageable,
Stick to it and stay indefatigable.

A living body will face ups and down,
Stability comes when we are gone.

Find happiness in each instant,
That will make you persistent.

Gratitude will overpower your disappointments,
whenever you are low, count the complements.

Disappointments are part of life,
Embrace it and live your life!




दिलो दीवारों की वीरानियों से इश्क़ कर ही बैठे थे हम कि
कोई आहट सी आयी लगा जैसे किसी ने कुण्डी बजायी है

मीलों दूर तक सन्नाटा हुआ करता था कभी
आज अक्स को क्या छुआ है उनके दिलो में महफिलें उमड़ आयी हैं

खेल तो देखो उस किस्मत का यारों
शमा जलाई थी ये सोचकर की राख होजाएंगे इस रोज़
और आज ही फलक से बिजली कड़कड़ाई है


It’s You

You are the night, I want all my stars to twinkle in 💫
You are the dream, I always wanted to come true
You are the hand, I’ve ever wanted to hold 👫
You are the chest, I’ve ever wanted to cry on
You are the eyes, I would dive in forever 🙈
You are the song 🎼, I sing walking in the woods
You are the heart 🌹, I fall for every day
You are the rain 🌧, I always wished to get drenched by
You are the smile 🙂, which takes my breath away
You are the breath, which keeps me alive
You are the one, I finally can pivot my life on
It’s you, and will always be you. 💞



It was hot, very hot.
Like a fiery pot.

All were perspiring, looking all around for shade,
But couldn’t find a place for their aid.

The mighty sun was like a bright ball of fire,
Blazing everything in magnifying dire.

Everyone was clueless to find a solution,
It was too late for our living generation.

Sitting on the top of the food chain,
We are responsible for tree slain.

Polluting the nature was in our habits,
Which is making us unable to cohabit.

All the animals in the jungle,
Face all the uncertain.

As a human, we should be more responsible,
At least think about your next generation!

Trees should be preserved and cutting should be prevented,
Otherwise, the newly built road will remain deserted.

Development without trees seems stupid,
What will you get when no one can live?



एक बस आपका साथ हो …

वो आँखों की वीरानियाँ
वो दिलो दीवारों का बेरुखापन
वो अकेली रातों की करवटे
वो तड़पना मुस्कुराने को
वो महफ़िलो में हमारा अकेलापन
वो राहों पर इंतज़ार मुसाफिर का
वो इबादत हमारी तुमको पुकारते हुए
वो पलटना गुमनाम आवाज़ों पर
वो हार जाना हमारा आपके साथ के बिना
वो आशियाना सवारना हमारा की आप आओगे कभी

यूँ दी है पनाह आपने इस नाचीज़ को अपने घराने में
सारी चुनौतियों को धूल चटा दे हम ‘एक बस आपका साथ हो’


How happy are you?

Are you happy always?
if yes, you are having the best days.

Staying happy always is tough,
as you have to bear enough.

Anchoring to happiness is a skill,
and the path is a steep uphill.

Most of our unhappiness is for materialistic objects,
why make it more complex?

Somethings are out of human control,
like bodies losing the soul.

At some point, we overwhelmed with disappointment,
Which is definitely a learning lesson.

These are pointing directions,
for introspection and correction.


Do you love what you do?






Are you doing things out of love and passion?
If so, you are heading in the right direction

Work indeed gives you money,
but with love your work becomes shiny.

You can earn even if you hate the work,
in lieu of that, you can enjoy only the weekend.

Try to do the work differently,
so that you find it doing intently

Explore the new opportunity,
life is too short for mediocrity.

Meet new people, go for seminars,
There is definitely a lot happening in your area.

I agree, sometimes things go wrong,
complaining won’t help, but get along and stay strong.

Things will change,
when you really want them to change!



It is essential for our survival,
and indeed very convival.

We have plenty of it on planet Earth,
But somewhere there is as well real dearth.

Not everybody has access to clean water,
Some have plenty and need to conserve.

Close the taps when not in use,
and help others when they not.

Save it for you, your family and next generation,
Everybody’s similar thought will bring revolution.

Avoid throwing plastics waste which clogs,
Allow the stream to flow as it loves.

Conserve it as much as you can,
Use it judiciously as much as you can.