food for thought !

One may like a sweet dish,
One may like to devour on a fish.

One may like something spicy,
One may like it icy.

One may like something green,
One may like whitey diary.

We are very picky about the foodstuff,
But are we thinking about what we feed our minds enough?

Feeding mind is as important as eating,
Proper feeding is really nourishing!

But how can we feed our minds?
Our thought is the primary source behind.

Pluck out the weed as much as you can,
You only live once!


These Trying Times

Sun woke up today like any other day,
To spread its fragrance to the eastern skies,
However, to its sheer surprise,
Streets are vacant only for good, now, that
A thick sheet of smoke isn’t blocking its way
Kissing the earth’s surface never seemed so beautiful
The virus is in town, and clutter is at bay

Helping its way to cross the roads
Not even once had to stop, for finishing up the course
Longing for that nap for an undisturbed while
Friends on a leash not to be seen for a mile
Masters in the balcony, calling for help
Animals sighed, “It’s our turn now, and its high time you bet”

These skins are paler, these nights are longer
These days are wearier, these healths are bleaker
These halls are emptier, these hugs are scarce
The future is scarier, the vaccine is farther

In the midst of all of these,

Those skies are bluer, those mists are cooler
Those stars are brighter, those winds are kinder
Those trees are greener, those ants are calmer
Those pals are closer, those horns are lighter
Those bonds are stronger, those hearts are warmer

Lockdowns are prettier, for you and for you being here.


The Situation!


Though it started late twenty nineteen,
It is spreading fast now until it is fully clean.

Do follow the hygiene routines,
It is one of the important means.

Some of us are privileged!
But there are a lot of underprivileged!

Staying in the home could be boring and tough,
Think about those who can’t afford foodstuff!

A lot may not have the liberty to walk outside now,
It may be not good but ponder. Some may not have a proper house.

You can help with food or make a monitory donation,
Your help will create the foundation!

Now you have extra time, stay motivated
Learn the new skill which you eagerly wanted.

Talk more to friends and family,
This is a critical time, take care of them merrily!

This situation demands gratefulness,
And exhibit always your helpfulness!


That thing!

On a chilly weekend morning,
Sleeping a little more seems adorning!

Nestling inside the blanket is relaxing,
But it could be slacking!

Going out and playing is worthy,
Make sure to make your fav jersey earthy!

Procrastination is evil,
Overcome it and become a daredevil!

Explore your weekdays and shoot your cheers,
You have 6 hours daily, be ready with your gears!

Make lots of connections,
Make sure they don’t have TV series addictions.

Participate in every new opportunity,
That is how we grow our immunity!

It is okay to be different, take your stand,
Provided you don’t hurt anyone.

We live only once and our time is limited,
Enjoy and cherish every moment, stay limitless!



There were exams in school and college,
The situation is different later at our age.

There were different marking schemes,
to evaluate us and it made us scream.

There were many assumptions,
Be it x y or z, to lead us to our conclusions.

We had to draw maps, shapes, and cells,
A test for artistic skills.

As soon as we are out of school and college,
Situations changed a lot, without our knowledge.

There are no exams based on syllabus,
Situation and life take the real test which is out of syllabus.

But are we learning our lessons?
What if we face a similar situation?

Remember the lessons the same as your achievements,
which will propel you towards your appeasement.




Doing something new is interesting,
sometimes it is crippling!

The more we go near,
proportionally we are stuck with fear

Be it the first play, love or public talk,
our internal fear restocks.

We hear voices “Don’t do, Don’t do”,
and we are thinking of what to do.

Remember one thing, my dear,
real-life is on the other side of fear.

Humans are born with only two fear,
fear of height and fear of loud sound!

Any other fear is not real,
let’s face those, that should be our deal!


A second!

Value of a ‘second’ can be felt best,
While planking and stretching for best!

Swimming deep and gasping for air?
A ‘second’ shows its important share!

Sitting in silence or meditating?
Isn’t the ‘second’ seems never-ending?

Dodging mobile phone notification?
Isn’t a ‘second’ long duration?

Running a marathon and dead tired?
How does it feel to run another ‘second’?

Value your time every day
You only have 86400 seconds a day!


Pick a book my friend!


Reading a book provides boundless insights,
Which indeed makes us bright!

Be it a novel or self-help or motivation,
Indulge in it and expand your imagination.

Pick your book based on your curiosity,
In it lies a grandiose opportunity.

Note down the powerful citation,
Scribble a lot and make it a solid foundation.

Technology has leaped beyond,
You can read a hard copy or make e-book your bond.

Discuss the books with like-minded individuals,
You will appreciate the miracles.

My first book was “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma,
Which led me to real dharma!

What book do you recommend?
do let us know my friend!



Do you embrace Monday?
Like you waited for Friday.

Monday reveals a lot about our inner feeling,
Whether we are rock bottom or touching the ceiling.

It is a day to show the world,
how beautifully one can unfurl.

Liking Monday can be profitable,
you will become formidable.

Liking Monday will unfasten the inhibition,
It will create a path for your ambition.

It is a choice you can make,
weekdays are 5, stay awake!

Happy Monday!