Journey of life

We love train journeys. Don’t we? It’s a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenes, the greenery, lakes, rivers, mountains and so much more. More often than not, we get this rush of feelings that forces us to think, “what if we were there in those serene places, or how it would feel to walk on those empty green farms or to sit at those river banks and hear the calmness of the water?

So much we watch during our train journeys which we know we are never going to feel or be part of, but just a look of it gives us that thrill and reminds us of how beautiful our mother earth is and how much we are missing out by being stuck in our hollow, mechanical and mundane daily lifestyle.

Most of us live the life exactly like this. Let me put an analogy here. Train is “your boxed mindset”. Railway track is “your daily routine”. Scenery is “what we dream about – our passion, our love, over purpose, our heart’s interest”.

We are boxed in our life and have put it on auto-pilot with predefined destination. Exactly how trains are tied to their tracks with predefined destination.

We admire the view around us. We know what we love and what our hearts actually wants. But, a very few actually dare to jump out of the train to feel those beautiful places. Definitely, it involves a great amount of risk. Even then they do it. On the contrary, most of us just keep sitting in the train and happy to reach the predefined destination. How sad is that? Think about it.

How can you sit on a train and keep sitting on it when you already know the destination? Life has much more to offer. Don’t you think?

This reminds me of these beautiful quotes:

“Life is too short to be little” – Benjamin Disraeli

“For your life to be great, your faith must be bigger than your fears” – Robin Sharma

Jump out of your train right now! Stop living someone else’s life. You are just going to live ONCE.


Quantifying every little progress is not practical

How often we judge ourselves on our little progress? Striking off the checklist when the little goal is achieved. Sometimes we are tremendously happy when the little goal is achieved and sometimes miserable when we fail to.

Let’s explore the situation when the little goal is not met which makes us little or enormously gloomy. Questions such as what went wrong? How can it be done in a better way? envelop our mind.

Frankly, the list goes on.

Firstly, I would request you to rethink whether the little goal was properly set or not and secondly whether our mind is able to quantify what we learned that particular day, which we can understand or comprehend. This reminds me of a story.A little boy used to carry his newborn calf on his shoulders and roam around the city which was exciting for him. He continued doing so every day for a long time and then one day realized that he was carrying a fully grown bull.

On the same note, let me share my story, a real one!

Swimming is indeed a very good exercise but the learning process is tricky, isn’t it? Those who are good swimmers or currently learning to swim can easily connect. The practice lessons were very difficult to interpret with our consciousness and it was puzzling what further has been learned today than the previous day. It was indeed very difficult to quantify and justify our self that we learned something new. These tiny efforts, when continued with honesty and zeal, will provide the platform and one day we will realize that we are indeed swimming.

Lastly to conclude, learning new skills is really important just don’t get demoralized by quantifying the daily progress. When the objective is clear, enjoy the process and journey instead.

Quantifying every little progress is not practical.


Don’t be ‘JUST BUSY’

Life can be overwhelming to each one of us every now and then. Isn’t it? You always feel that there is a lot to do in so little time. Ask anyone and you will get to know that they are indeed ‘VERY VERY BUSY’.

doing most of things over and over again, your days, months, years and
even decades just pass by right in front of you. Suddenly, one day you
wake up and see that few people who started right where you were a
decade ago are now doing exceptionally well. A significant difference
can easily be noticed.

What happened here? Why it happens to so
many of us? Why one person in same amount of time achieves greater
heights and the other (though being very busy) couldn’t get so far and
end up being mediocre? A decade is a significant amount of time. Don’t
you think?

Arguably the best mind ever lived, Albert Einstein rightly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
You can either decide to keep doing what you are doing and keep getting the same results or else you can test yourself in the sea of unknown. Choice is strictly yours and that makes all the difference.

One person is happy in doing same stuff which he is comfortable in and falls into the trap of ‘BEING BUSY’, while the other (the over achiever) actually is pausing at proper interval and asking important questions to himself. Questions such as – Where am I going? Am I going to do justice with my talent if I keep on doing what I do? Have I got more in myself which is worth a try? Do I want to die mediocre?

But, just asking questions is not good enough. You have to carefully listen to your inner voice. Direct yourself based on those answers you get from within. Don’t hold yourself back for anyone. Take that first step towards your dream. Constant redirection of your life is so very important. Try various things. Push your limits. Challenge your thoughts. Refine them. Meet smarter people. Learn from them. Do whatever it takes to bring the best out of you. You owe yourself this. There might be several setbacks and dead ends along the way, but, after a decade you can proudly say that,”I wasn’t ‘JUST BEING BUSY’. I was WORK IN PROGRESS”.

At the end, you won’t even believe what you achieved. Results will speak for themselves.

Good luck!


Key to everlasting happiness : Enjoy your own company

We are social animals. We need people around us to interact with all the time. We learn from them and share our wisdom. There is nothing wrong in this, in fact its a great feeling to have. But, the problem starts when we start relying on others to make ourselves happy. No one wants to be alone. Fear makes us believe that we can only be happy if we are surrounded by people. Isolation is a doom for us. Isn’t it?

Don’t you get this strong feeling that you are trying to be a part of a crowd just so that you don’t get isolated? And, once you get into this mindset, all the problems start to occur in your life.

Craving for people around you is a disease, because, you are driven not by yourself but by others’ presence. To be around people, you try to change yourself to be one of them. You don’t like to go to parties but you do go there because everyone else is going there. You keep on doing this everyday and make it your habit. In this whole process you are literally losing your identity. You don’t even know who you really are. You are wearing a fake mask to entice people just so that you aren’t left out.

This is a serious problem most of us are going through these days. If you think about it, you are basically afraid of being left out because you are not like them. You are different and you know that. Unfortunately, crowd likes uniformity. If you are different, most probably you are going be thrown out of the herd.

Now comes your choice!

EITHER you can wear a fake mask your whole life and be like them (which 8 out of 10 people do most of the time) and eventually loose your identity OR you start to learn enjoying your own company. Its a slow process and can’t be learnt in a day. But, believe us once you learn this trait, no one can ever make you unhappy. You will get control of your life. You will be set free. Isolation won’t bother you again. And, most important – you will get to know yourself better.


The magical ingredient!

As a human being we all want to excel in our life, be it a better job opportunity, more happiness, better place to live in, keeping fitness at peak and so on. The wish list is indeed a long one and completely personal opinion, but all of these are depending on one vital ingredient.

Instead of going directly to that magical vital ingredient, let’s uncover some other interesting behavior. We are designed in such a way that we require some time for us, which is our own personal time and I call it “metime”. The time used for own contemplation, mediation or even a jog to connect our inner self deeply. This is a must to rejuvenate our self.

Now, coming to the magical ingredient which is indeed very common but sometimes we are not conscious about it, which is “connection”. Why…?  Let’s explore!

In order to excel in a particular area/domain we have to expose our self to that and the best way is to meet people. The ones who are in the same field, the like minded people. The more we interact, discuss and engage our self with someone who is on the same turf the better we become. For example, One is interested to learn a musical instrument. So look for communities near your place, online/offline training and connect to as many as possible. The more we are connected the more we learn! And this can be associated to every sphere of life, be it sports, technology, poetry or even spirituality!

What is your opinion?


How to achieve your maximum every day?

We all desire to perform well and give our best every day. How can we achieve it daily? Is it very tough to achieve it? Fortunately, not really 😊, it is indeed very easy and simple. The trick lies solely on one basic routine which we ignore mostly without realizing its intense power.

Did the below comparison help? Yes, it all depends on how we embrace that particular day or I would say every day.

Just after waking up and starting our daily chores lies those moments which conditioned our mind for the day. The very thought of the dreaded meeting or getting late or any other thought which triggers anxiety will stick with the whole day making us tired and drained. Instead spend those special moments showing gratitude, praying for your near and dear ones and thanking the superpower for the fantastic life. This will definitely need a couple of minutes, hence it is wise to prepone the alarm clock to intently follow the rituals rather cutting the rituals for a longer sleep. Though it is very simple yet very powerful, sometimes the finest things can be experienced by doing some simple routine.


41 life hacks for an enriching 2019

Everyone wants to be happy but only a few people can really achieve real happiness for a longer period of time in their lives.

It is not that they are not trying for it. But, they feel that void within them. Constantly looking for something more.

Ironically, the more you run after the happiness the quicker it gets away from you. Isn’t it?

And, when you actually understand the mechanism behind the happiness, you are either too old or dead or both.

So, why not try to figure out the ways to achieve everlasting happiness in our lives?

Honestly, these life hacks are quite simple to do. But, for some reason, we make things harder for ourselves.

Below you will find list of very small changes you can incorporate and turnaround your life to make it more happier, fulfilling and enjoyable in 2019 and beyond. These changes will work like a charm for you.

Give it a try and see the difference.

1. Expect less and give more – people usually do this in reverse order.
2. Don’t compare yourself with others. You are disrespecting yourself by doing so.
3. Spend less on things you don’t really need.
4. Read something – you will get smarter than you already are.
5. Drink an extra glass of water.
6. Smile for no reason – Smile goes a long way.
7. Meditate for 5-8 mins before you get out of your bed – Mind is your greatest strength and hardest to tame.
8. Don’t check your phone while eating food – Many are not that lucky to have it. Enjoy your meal.
9. Drive on long empty roads.
10. Leave a tip for the waiter – It might make his/her day. You never know.
11. Hug often – Everyone needs it and very few offer it.
12. Listen to people more – People love to be heard. It gives them a sense of importance.
13. Give your used clothes to the poor – clothes on someone in need are always better than they sitting in the closet.
14. Have a hot cup of coffee with someone you care.
15. Run for 10 mins – sweating renews you in every possible way.
16. Avoid social networking websites for at least an hour – if you think about it, no one actually cares what you are doing.
17. Take the stairs whenever possible.
18. Avoid judging people often – you don’t know what they are going through.
19. Call a friend just to say hello – People love happy surprises.
20. Don’t take life for granted. Live in the moment – someone is hanging on to the last breath and can give anything to live.
21. Spend time alone – knowing yourself better is the best investment you can do in yourself.
22. Ask questions – assumptions can be too good to ignore. Stand out. Reason everything.
23. Talk to your parents more. You are going to miss them when they are gone.
24. Standup for yourself because no one else will.
25. Set boundaries with people.
26. Don’t say YES if you don’t mean it.
27. Keep yourself warm.
28. Keep a plant on your desk.
29. Spend some time on your hobby.
30. Take risks by believing in your instincts.
31. Go to a library once in a while.
32. Invest for your old age.
33. Don’t take life too seriously.
34. Indulge lesser in addictive habits.
35. Brush your teeth before you go to bed.
36. Dream bigger.
37. Admire this world. Take care of your eyes.
38. Don’t settle for less. Make things happen.
39. Sleep, cry, hold, jump, and love like a baby.
40. Give food to animals – being on top of the food chain comes with the responsibilities.
41. Look at yourself in the mirror often. You are the one. The World only has a single copy of you. BE PROUD of yourself.


Your heart is your best GPS

Your heart is your best GPS

In today’s era, you can’t imagine a life without a GPS (Global Positioning System). You believe in the directions provided by it more than anything else. Definitely, GPS has become an integral part of our survival.

Unfortunately, it has a big limitation.

As you know, Universe is nothing but an elegant mesh of SPACE and TIME. All GPSes we rely upon the most can help you travel in SPACE i.e. they can take you from point A to point B. However, when it comes to travel in TIME or in other words – to direct us in the unknown future, these GPSes are of no use.

But don’t worry. For this very reason, we are blessed with the best GPS we can possibly have – “HEART”. As long as you are following the directions given by your Heart, rest assured that you are diving into a future having the most enriched and fulfilling experiences of your life.

Let’s get on to the great features of this BEST GPS.

Gives you moments to enjoy along the journey

As the GPS shows us places to enjoy, to eat, to rest, to shop while driving, HEART shows us ways to enjoy every single moment of our journey in the best possible way.

It somehow knows your destination and what you really want

Like GPS, HEART knows our destination. It knows what we really want in life. Believe in it. Follow the instincts.

Shows you the path with least traffic

As our GPS shows us the path which has the least traffic, HEART takes you on a path which is rarely taken and is the best for you. People in herds are following a path because of fear.

Without it, you are lost in the unknown

As with our GPS, if we lose it we are completely lost and helpless. So is the case with the HEART. If you lose it while moving forward in your life you are aimless and impactless.

It makes you aware of your current location

The way GPS tells you your ‘current’ location on the map, the HEART helps you be in the ‘current’ moment, where there are not guilts of the past and no worries of the future.

In short, there is absolutely NO reason not to follow your heart.


Save the planet! Save Now!

As a human being, all of us wants to stay happy, isn’t it? We desperately want that one particular thing in our life. Anyone who disagrees, please let us know in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!

Happiness can be achieved by various means. ‘By helping others’ is one of the ways.

Happiness is the consequence of what we do and how we behave. By helping someone we can feel tremendous happiness. All of our emotional hormones are at their peak, helping us in two ways.

Firstly, we start cherishing the happiness we get by helping others.

Secondly, by helping someone such as our family members, friends, colleagues, pet, or an unknown person on a street or railway station – we collect many browny points on an invisible Grade Card – KARMA! 

Karma does matter!

Why not fill that invisible grade card with our good work and help. Delving deeper into the topic, let’s explore the astounding planet Earth which is very much related to our topic. The Earth is rotating at a speed of 1000 miles per hour or 460 meters per second without even an iota of human help, but we together can make a lot of contribution to the mother earth to make it a better place. We are not going to stay here for a very long time so why not make our stay worthwhile.

Take the initiative. Take that baby step and help in conserving our mother Earth! It’s just a matter of a few small steps taken over a period of time. 

We can start with switching off the electrical appliances when not in use, thereby saving tremendous power. A basic habit that is still missing in our lives. Here, let me share my personal experience, once I started doing these things I experienced a fabulous sensation. Don’t miss that opportunity to feel boundless. There are many people who still don’t get to use electricity and stay in dark. Let’s take a step towards conserving electricity and experience the happiness that we get from our this new habit. 

Another simple step could be to turn off the water taps when not in use. Water scarcity is a major issue that our world is currently facing. Just imagine one morning you get up from your bed and you don’t get water to use. Just think…. Thanks to our population, even a single drop of water saved by us can make a huge difference. 

Littering not only makes the Earth dirty place to live but also some wastes such as plastic waste chokes the natural water flow, causing flooding. Carry a tiny dustbin, be it the side pocket of your backpack, your pocket or purse.

Even though we can afford to stuff our plate with a lot of food, it does not mean that we can waste the food. Many people around us sleep empty stomach. Hence feel the motivation within you to not waste food. We can inculcate this habit by taking a small portion of food, finish it and then go for next serving. Remember, that little walk will help us to reduce the calories.

Owing to our worlds population, a small contribution from each of us, when combined, can cause a magnanimous effect.

Spread the message! Start it now! Ask your near and dear ones too. Make a difference. Just think of an invisible grade card that gives you score on doing something to preserve the mother Earth.

Why not leave the planet with a good grade? Good for us and best for others!