Happy Father’s Day

To all the father figures,

Not just to those who are a male parent in someone’s life, but to that life energy which protects, guides, leads, loves, holds, embraces, forgives,
nurtures, and above all which always stands tall come what may. The energy which is all around us and within us. The energy which is spread everywhere and stretched to all the ends, including in a fe-‘male’ and in an ever-encompassing and ever-inclusive ‘blue sky’ above us. I bow down to ‘It’ wholeheartedly not only on this day but for the times beyond fathom.

Your warmth keeps this universe moving.

Dripped in your humbleness



A strong work ethic is lacking in people nowadays. Professionalism is a key component, which helps an individual to describe himself and his standards. Good news is, professionalism is a skill which can be developed. A person with higher standards on the job reflects integrity and respectfulness.

Below are some ways to amplify professionalism on the job:


A fundamental quality of professionalism is being on time, no matter what. Even if no one is monitoring him, he comes well on time and finish all the assigned work. He meets all deadlines given to him.

Be Responsible and Accountable

To be more professional, start taking responsibility for your actions. Take responsibility for your problems, assignments, and tasks. If something is not delivered on time to the client, rather than making futile excuses, a person with higher degree of professionalism will take concrete actions to resolve the issue.

Be Structured and Well-Organized

Be well organized. It starts with smaller things such as keeping your desk clean and arranged. Well maintained professional employees value time more than anything else. They know that being organized and structured will eventually help them save time.

Have Professional Appearance

Good hygiene is of highest importance for such professionals. Keep your clothes clean, hair combed, brush your teeth and use deodorants. Appearance plays a vital role in your overall presence and impact over others. Your appearance gives it away even before you say a word.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is another very important trait a professional should have. Consistent efforts give consistent results. Being result-oriented is good, but it should not be achieved with irregular efforts. This might work in short-term, but professionals know it far better that long term impact is always rewarded and provides authenticity to their credentials.

Be Kind

Be aggressive, be motivated, be ambitious, but don’t forget to be humble. There is no point keeping your boss happy with your sub-ordinates looking to get rid of you. Maintain high standards in the way you treat everyone around you. Kind words and a wide smile go a long distance.