Pick a book my friend!


Reading a book provides boundless insights,
Which indeed makes us bright!

Be it a novel or self-help or motivation,
Indulge in it and expand your imagination.

Pick your book based on your curiosity,
In it lies a grandiose opportunity.

Note down the powerful citation,
Scribble a lot and make it a solid foundation.

Technology has leaped beyond,
You can read a hard copy or make e-book your bond.

Discuss the books with like-minded individuals,
You will appreciate the miracles.

My first book was “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma,
Which led me to real dharma!

What book do you recommend?
do let us know my friend!



Do you embrace Monday?
Like you waited for Friday.

Monday reveals a lot about our inner feeling,
Whether we are rock bottom or touching the ceiling.

It is a day to show the world,
how beautifully one can unfurl.

Liking Monday can be profitable,
you will become formidable.

Liking Monday will unfasten the inhibition,
It will create a path for your ambition.

It is a choice you can make,
weekdays are 5, stay awake!

Happy Monday!


A day to Rejuvenate!


Even a vehicle has a fuel gauge!
To remind us before it disengages.

The human body does not have a digital meter,
that does not mean we always press our bio-meter.

Our body takes a toll each day,
take time to relax each day!

Work on your body on the week-off days,
so that it stays energetic as always.

Call your friend or a family,
speak your heart out, keep no anomaly.

Go for a walk or run,
let your heart pump a little long!

Read a book or sleep a little longer,
every day is your day, live it longer.

Do not forget to meditate,
It is indeed a magical super-state!



कैसे होने दूँ मैं?

गिरा था मैं कपकपाते हुए जब
हाथ उसी ने बस बढ़ाया था मुझ तक तब
उसकी खुशियों को मैं खोने कैसे दूँ?

डरा था मैं खुद की वीरान तन्हाइयों से जब
पायल बस उसी ने बजायी थी यूँ तब
अकेले उसको मैं गम यूँ सहने कैसे दूँ?

हार के इस जहां से माँगा था ज़हर मैंने
दवा मेरे हाँथों मैं उसी ने थमाई थी यूँ तब
दीदार को उसके खुदा को मैं पुकार कैसे ना दूँ?

भटकता रहा तेरे वजूद को ढूंढ़ता हुआ मैं
आके यूँ उसने दिया तेरे होने का सबूत मुझे तब
तुझसे पहले उसे इबादत कैसे ना दूँ मैं?


जूनून ये तेरा …

हम तो कल तक समुन्दर किनारे कश्तियाँ ढूँढ़ते थे मियां
वो था की शौक से मिलता था मौजो से
गिरता भी था तो बस संभल जाने के लिए

हम आज भी कश्ती में हैं
और वो आज भी दरिया तेर के पार करता है


Disappointed or grateful?












Natural calamities can be disappointing,
Losing a match can be disappointing,
Working on weekends can be disappointing,
Heavy traffic along the route can be disappointing,
Sunburns can be disappointing,
Death can be disappointing,
The list is infinite for a lifetime and we miss enjoying.

Perspective is very essential,
Apt perspective is the differential.

Some outcomes can be managed,
Work on those for your advantage.

Some are not in our control,
In those cases apt perspective is viable.

When situations are not manageable,
Stick to it and stay indefatigable.

A living body will face ups and down,
Stability comes when we are gone.

Find happiness in each instant,
That will make you persistent.

Gratitude will overpower your disappointments,
whenever you are low, count the complements.

Disappointments are part of life,
Embrace it and live your life!