As a person, we can have a lot of desires within us. Some could be our inherent interest some could have been ignited after meeting a person or situation. We all want to evolve in our lives, it could be better finances, fitness, or be it our mental health or any other desire which we hold close to our heart.

Reaching our destination or desired state involves a lot of distance. The travel is not very easy. It is full of puzzles, hurdles, and short cuts that can take you to the very beginning. It is similar to a snakes and ladders game. During all these adventures we can get demotivated and sad assuming we are not making any progress.

Comparing it to a real-life activity which will help us to co-relate. A stonecutter precisely hits with a hammer multiple times on the humongous boulder. There is no specific count after which the boulder splits into pieces, it could be 1, 10, or even 1000. The stone cutter’s perseverance is very critical. It was not the last hit which caused the boulder to break but the steady and continuous hit that was generated. Similar in our lives, we mold ourselves in various tasks or activities. Stick to the process unless it is finished, what if you are just one hit away to split the boulder.



Happy Father’s Day

To all the father figures,

Not just to those who are a male parent in someone’s life, but to that life energy which protects, guides, leads, loves, holds, embraces, forgives,
nurtures, and above all which always stands tall come what may. The energy which is all around us and within us. The energy which is spread everywhere and stretched to all the ends, including in a fe-‘male’ and in an ever-encompassing and ever-inclusive ‘blue sky’ above us. I bow down to ‘It’ wholeheartedly not only on this day but for the times beyond fathom.

Your warmth keeps this universe moving.

Dripped in your humbleness


Limiting Belief!

I was listening to a guided mediation and it was explaining about the effects of detrimental limiting beliefs.
Most of us already know this fable but it is worth iterating one more time. Physically we are growing each day but are we taking care of our minds? Ask this question twice before saying a “yes”.

The story goes this, in one of the circuses a calf was born. A very friendly, tiny, and active calf. Most of the time it was tied to a wooden log. As it was very active it tried to free itself from the bond. It tried with all of the energy, but no luck. The log was strong enough to hold the calf. This happened a couple of times and the calf concluded that it cannot unchain on its own.

The baby was growing day after day, its diet increased, it got an elongated truck and slowly it turned into a mature huge elephant. During all this time it was tied to the log for a certain period. Later it was not trying to free itself and believed the conclusion that it cannot unchain on its own.

It accepted that someone has to help to unchain. This is how a limiting belief prohibits us from our growth. What are your limiting beliefs you want to unshackle from? The second-best chance is now as we only live once!


Human – An enslaved being or Is being enslaved?

Let us do a simple exercise together to know how much enslaved you actually are. Shall we?

Alright! Let’s divide your brain in 10 sections. And, each section may take any one value out of the below 5 :

J – Joy, M – Misery, A – Anger, F – Fear, S – Suffering

Now, for the sake of the experiment, let’s try some combinations for 3 different types of brains (You might fall into one of these categories, or maybe not. Let’s see!)

Now that we have the sections in place, next, we will try to figure out the proportions of ownership/slavery for these 3 brains.

But, before that – let us settle on the definition of Slavery.

You would agree without a doubt that, if you’re the owner of your own brain (or at least if you think you are), and you’re asked to fill up these 10 sections for yourself – you would fill all of them up with a big “J.

So, in that case, when you consider yourself as the sole owner of your brain – the best-case scenario for yourself must be J + J + J + …. (10 times) = 10J. Or in other words, the brain in a state of 10J means 0% Slavery – as you are the owner of your own brain, you very naturally will choose to fill up all spaces of your brain with joy and nothing else. So far so good.

Moving on.

Let us analyse the above three brains, and try to figure out the ownership/slavery percentages for each of them.

Ownership(%) for Brain 1 (3J + 2A + 2F + 2S + M) = (3J/10J)*100 = 30 => Slavery(%) = 100 – 30 = 70

Ownership(%) for Brain 2 (6J + A + 2F + S) = (6J/10J)*100 = 60 => Slavery(%) = 100 – 60 = 40

Ownership(%) for Brain 3 (5J + 2A + F + S + M) = (5J/10J)*100 = 50 => Slavery(%) = 100 – 50 = 50

To put the above math into perspective – if you notice it carefully – as soon as your brain equation has any placeholder other than J(JOY), you’re basically getting enslaved. Agree?

Percentages may vary from person to person, but, essentially, you are being enslaved from the external sources. Because if it isn’t externally stimulated, you would always keep yourself joyful (J). Indeed?

So, we can safely conclude that if you’re getting the feelings of M, A, J, F and/or S, then definitely that isn’t your making. Or in simpler words, anything other than 10J is slavery for that person’s brain.

So, the only question is: “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A SLAVE ALL YOUR LIFE?”

And, the parameter (we’ll call it as ‘Slavery coefficient’ ($) ) to gauge your affinity towards slavery is to see how often you encounter the feelings other than J.

If you consciously notice $ and see fluctuations in it, you would naturally make serious efforts to take yourself closer and closer to 10J.

Life, at its very core, has always been about a tremendous longing for freedom and boundlessness. You just have to be conscious enough to nudge it in that direction and rest will follow.


food for thought !

One may like a sweet dish,
One may like to devour on a fish.

One may like something spicy,
One may like it icy.

One may like something green,
One may like whitey diary.

We are very picky about the foodstuff,
But are we thinking about what we feed our minds enough?

Feeding mind is as important as eating,
Proper feeding is really nourishing!

But how can we feed our minds?
Our thought is the primary source behind.

Pluck out the weed as much as you can,
You only live once!


(: Stay Blissful :)

  • Everything and Everyone is sound.
  • Your actions can’t be indiscriminate, because they involve energy, time, logistics, etc, all of which are strictly limited. However, your response can be.
  • Be like a forest, which in chaos, unlike a garden, is self-sufficient in a beautiful way.
  • Life is the most important piece here. If you start to get bombarded with unwanted feelings, rest assured that your focus has been shifted. Life at its core can only be joyful. 
  • Bodies are just accumulated information/memories/karma. Look pass through it.
  • Always strive for creating a safe distance between you and your karma. Because you aren’t your karma. Dump it. (‘It’ includes -body, mind, or emotions).


These Trying Times

Sun woke up today like any other day,
To spread its fragrance to the eastern skies,
However, to its sheer surprise,
Streets are vacant only for good, now, that
A thick sheet of smoke isn’t blocking its way
Kissing the earth’s surface never seemed so beautiful
The virus is in town, and clutter is at bay

Helping its way to cross the roads
Not even once had to stop, for finishing up the course
Longing for that nap for an undisturbed while
Friends on a leash not to be seen for a mile
Masters in the balcony, calling for help
Animals sighed, “It’s our turn now, and its high time you bet”

These skins are paler, these nights are longer
These days are wearier, these healths are bleaker
These halls are emptier, these hugs are scarce
The future is scarier, the vaccine is farther

In the midst of all of these,

Those skies are bluer, those mists are cooler
Those stars are brighter, those winds are kinder
Those trees are greener, those ants are calmer
Those pals are closer, those horns are lighter
Those bonds are stronger, those hearts are warmer

Lockdowns are prettier, for you and for you being here.


Emotions, Values & YOU!

Do you feel a weird kind of hollowness in your life? You work very hard with intensity and resilience every day, but still, something doesn’t add up. You feel like you are not delivering to your full potential. We all feel this way but couldn’t know the root cause behind it. Don’t we?

Keep reading further and see for yourself if the argument sheds some light on this subtle paradox.

BOTTOM LINE : If you want to feel complete, resourceful and enriched then find harmony with yourself. It starts from within.

There is no such thing as BAD or GOOD emotions. Emotions are not supposed to be judged. Feel them and accept them with open arms. Your every emotion (guilt, fear, anger, etc.) can be clearly linked to your values [THEY HIGHLIGHT YOUR VALUES].

You must own your emotions, not the other way around. Emotions [are/could] either be uncomfortable or comfortable for you.

If they are uncomfortable, that means the source of that emotion isn’t in harmony with your existing values.

Every emotion either conforms to your values OR acts as a signboard/navigator to your disorientation with your values.

Treat your ’emotions’ with ROYALTY.