Limiting Belief!

I was listening to a guided mediation and it was explaining about the effects of detrimental limiting beliefs.
Most of us already know this fable but it is worth iterating one more time. Physically we are growing each day but are we taking care of our minds? Ask this question twice before saying a “yes”.

The story goes this, in one of the circuses a calf was born. A very friendly, tiny, and active calf. Most of the time it was tied to a wooden log. As it was very active it tried to free itself from the bond. It tried with all of the energy, but no luck. The log was strong enough to hold the calf. This happened a couple of times and the calf concluded that it cannot unchain on its own.

The baby was growing day after day, its diet increased, it got an elongated truck and slowly it turned into a mature huge elephant. During all this time it was tied to the log for a certain period. Later it was not trying to free itself and believed the conclusion that it cannot unchain on its own.

It accepted that someone has to help to unchain. This is how a limiting belief prohibits us from our growth. What are your limiting beliefs you want to unshackle from? The second-best chance is now as we only live once!


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