Human – An enslaved being or Is being enslaved?

Let us do a simple exercise together to know how much enslaved you actually are. Shall we?

Alright! Let’s divide your brain in 10 sections. And, each section may take any one value out of the below 5 :

J – Joy, M – Misery, A – Anger, F – Fear, S – Suffering

Now, for the sake of the experiment, let’s try some combinations for 3 different types of brains (You might fall into one of these categories, or maybe not. Let’s see!)

Now that we have the sections in place, next, we will try to figure out the proportions of ownership/slavery for these 3 brains.

But, before that – let us settle on the definition of Slavery.

You would agree without a doubt that, if you’re the owner of your own brain (or at least if you think you are), and you’re asked to fill up these 10 sections for yourself – you would fill all of them up with a big “J.

So, in that case, when you consider yourself as the sole owner of your brain – the best-case scenario for yourself must be J + J + J + …. (10 times) = 10J. Or in other words, the brain in a state of 10J means 0% Slavery – as you are the owner of your own brain, you very naturally will choose to fill up all spaces of your brain with joy and nothing else. So far so good.

Moving on.

Let us analyse the above three brains, and try to figure out the ownership/slavery percentages for each of them.

Ownership(%) for Brain 1 (3J + 2A + 2F + 2S + M) = (3J/10J)*100 = 30 => Slavery(%) = 100 – 30 = 70

Ownership(%) for Brain 2 (6J + A + 2F + S) = (6J/10J)*100 = 60 => Slavery(%) = 100 – 60 = 40

Ownership(%) for Brain 3 (5J + 2A + F + S + M) = (5J/10J)*100 = 50 => Slavery(%) = 100 – 50 = 50

To put the above math into perspective – if you notice it carefully – as soon as your brain equation has any placeholder other than J(JOY), you’re basically getting enslaved. Agree?

Percentages may vary from person to person, but, essentially, you are being enslaved from the external sources. Because if it isn’t externally stimulated, you would always keep yourself joyful (J). Indeed?

So, we can safely conclude that if you’re getting the feelings of M, A, J, F and/or S, then definitely that isn’t your making. Or in simpler words, anything other than 10J is slavery for that person’s brain.

So, the only question is: “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A SLAVE ALL YOUR LIFE?”

And, the parameter (we’ll call it as ‘Slavery coefficient’ ($) ) to gauge your affinity towards slavery is to see how often you encounter the feelings other than J.

If you consciously notice $ and see fluctuations in it, you would naturally make serious efforts to take yourself closer and closer to 10J.

Life, at its very core, has always been about a tremendous longing for freedom and boundlessness. You just have to be conscious enough to nudge it in that direction and rest will follow.


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