These Trying Times

Sun woke up today like any other day,
To spread its fragrance to the eastern skies,
However, to its sheer surprise,
Streets are vacant only for good, now, that
A thick sheet of smoke isn’t blocking its way
Kissing the earth’s surface never seemed so beautiful
The virus is in town, and clutter is at bay

Helping its way to cross the roads
Not even once had to stop, for finishing up the course
Longing for that nap for an undisturbed while
Friends on a leash not to be seen for a mile
Masters in the balcony, calling for help
Animals sighed, “It’s our turn now, and its high time you bet”

These skins are paler, these nights are longer
These days are wearier, these healths are bleaker
These halls are emptier, these hugs are scarce
The future is scarier, the vaccine is farther

In the midst of all of these,

Those skies are bluer, those mists are cooler
Those stars are brighter, those winds are kinder
Those trees are greener, those ants are calmer
Those pals are closer, those horns are lighter
Those bonds are stronger, those hearts are warmer

Lockdowns are prettier, for you and for you being here.


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