Emotions, Values & YOU!

Do you feel a weird kind of hollowness in your life? You work very hard with intensity and resilience every day, but still, something doesn’t add up. You feel like you are not delivering to your full potential. We all feel this way but couldn’t know the root cause behind it. Don’t we?

Keep reading further and see for yourself if the argument sheds some light on this subtle paradox.

BOTTOM LINE : If you want to feel complete, resourceful and enriched then find harmony with yourself. It starts from within.

There is no such thing as BAD or GOOD emotions. Emotions are not supposed to be judged. Feel them and accept them with open arms. Your every emotion (guilt, fear, anger, etc.) can be clearly linked to your values [THEY HIGHLIGHT YOUR VALUES].

You must own your emotions, not the other way around. Emotions [are/could] either be uncomfortable or comfortable for you.

If they are uncomfortable, that means the source of that emotion isn’t in harmony with your existing values.

Every emotion either conforms to your values OR acts as a signboard/navigator to your disorientation with your values.

Treat your ’emotions’ with ROYALTY.


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