The Situation!


Though it started late twenty nineteen,
It is spreading fast now until it is fully clean.

Do follow the hygiene routines,
It is one of the important means.

Some of us are privileged!
But there are a lot of underprivileged!

Staying in the home could be boring and tough,
Think about those who can’t afford foodstuff!

A lot may not have the liberty to walk outside now,
It may be not good but ponder. Some may not have a proper house.

You can help with food or make a monitory donation,
Your help will create the foundation!

Now you have extra time, stay motivated
Learn the new skill which you eagerly wanted.

Talk more to friends and family,
This is a critical time, take care of them merrily!

This situation demands gratefulness,
And exhibit always your helpfulness!


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