What is Jealousy?

When someone gets something in life be it a good wife/husband, a car or anything of importance, don’t we feel jealous? Yes, of course, we show our happiness to that person, but if we really ask ourselves – don’t you think we get a feeling that we would be far happier if the other person wouldn’t have gotten that thing?

Even though we are well aware of the fact that jealousy is a bad feeling to have, we tend to get sad by someone’s happiness and get happier with someone’s sadness. Don’t we?

So, basically what is this jealousy? How does it eat up our happiness?
Also, it isn’t easy to get rid of this feeling, because we don’t get this feeling all the time.

How can we get rid of it then?

The only solution to such problems is to go deeper and do the ‘root cause analysis’.

RCA (Root cause analysis):

Let’s start from the beginning:

What happens when someone gets something? Basically, it enhances the status of that person in society, family, close people, etc. As a result, all of a sudden all eyes (for the time being) get focused on that person. That person starts to get all the attention. Isn’t it so?

If you think about it, the main reason for our sadness is: we feel that our importance is getting deteriorated. And, from here jealously creeps in.

Now, if we dig a little deeper and ask ourselves – why do we feel that we should always be the center of attention? What do we get by being the center of attention? – the answer is: We feel that we matter. Our life is not a waste. We matter for people we love.

We always tend to measure our importance with other’s viewpoints. However, the viewpoint of others towards us is always changeable.

Others’ looking at us is their favor towards us. It’s not our right. When we start getting to feel important from within or when we start enjoying our own life on our own standards, in other words as soon as our heart is filled with self-confidence, jealously runs away.

Conclusion: Jealousy is nothing but the mere evidence of a lack of self-confidence in ourselves.


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