It was my 2nd tandem jump, but I was fearful. The first one was in Prague and the 2nd one in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the instructor had some time and we were disusing a lot of things related to jump. I couldn’t hold my inquisitiveness and asked a lot of questions instinctively and he responded nicely. The below question was an eye-opener for me and thought to share!

Me: Do you still fear before the jump?
Instructor: Yes! (I was puzzled). He waited for a few seconds and elaborated. Once you have fear you keep yourself ready to brace the situation, checking all the gears, hooks, etc. Which is indeed required for a safe jump. He correlated with driving and cycling where we are cautious initially which is needed while making a turn or overtaking. So fear is a form to face the situation in a more effective way.

He said, he is jumping for the last 16 years and as an instructor for last 6 six and still, he fears before the jump.


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