To do or not to do!

Each one of us has a spark to new skills, be it singing, dancing, playing any sports, or honing public speaking skills.

The initial few days of learning that particular skill are really daunting.
All the skepticism hovers our mind. We try to compare our ‘newly thought skill’ with a connoisseur of that field.
We judge our selves and somehow do our work reluctantly. I have gone through all these experiences, and after speaking with friends and family received similar feedback. This experience is backed by a couple of books which I read as well. So, on a high-level similar thought process is experienced by the majority of people. One thing which is 100% true is that when we master the skill, life becomes awesome and we enjoy it very dearly.

The tricky part is going through the process and experiencing all these not so motivating thoughts, and how to stick to a routine so that we can learn the skill.

Let me share one of my experiences where I learned one skill a couple of years back and then the going through the recent one which triggered my neurons to write the articles.

2016 was the year when I thought to learn swimming. First thing I was doing is making a group of close friends so that it becomes comfortable going together for the class, which I later felt is not a very effective step.
Going with a group can be tricky when others are not very keen to learn swimming and just joining you for namesake. Take the bold step. Rather than looking for friends to accompany you, find the training center and register as per your time schedule. Initial few days will be very hard to quantify your progress which is normal, but enjoy the process. Waking up early and getting ready for classes and enjoying the practice session is very important. Watching youtube videos, reading extensively about swimming helps. Make it a personal experience so that you and swimming are not separate. Eventually, I was able to swim alone on the 27th day, maybe it was quick may be long, but eventually today I can swim which is indeed a blissful experience. People when jumps and forays all the hurdles, the new skill is waiting to embrace you. Do not stop in the middle and make daily progress.

The new skill which I am trying to learn is sketching, somehow it was in my mind that I cannot sketch, but after watching one of the TED talks, I was determined to draw. I wouldn’t say it was very easy, but yes I am in the process of learning it and determined to sketch freely! I am following a couple of blogs, YouTube videos, and articles. I must say, it was a really enriching experience.

Below is a recent sample exercise of drawing circles and sketches, which is indeed a lot better than my previous drawing skill !!


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