Dare to write your own rule-book!

When we are born, gray matter in our brain is a blank sheet of paper, and ready to be carved. Our subconscious mind is ready to accept any thoughts. It doesn’t know how to categorize those incoming thoughts as positive or negative. Hence, it accepts everything for a fact (as positive). This happens for the first 5 to 8 years of our lifetime.

The model of our brain is written in those 5 years. That is why it is very important to be careful about how parents and teachers treat their kids in those early years.

Whatever is fed into the kid’s mind in those first 5 to 8 years will be a hard truth for him. He will analyze the world based on that rule-book and suddenly the world will become polarized for him. He will start defining the things and people in the world as negative/positive, likes/dislikes, or love/hate based on that conditioning.

If you look inside yourself, you will notice that for some reason you have the tendency to assume a few things in life as hard truth even though you don’t have facts to support them.

For example, fear of water, fear of heights, fear of God, disliking the places other than home, thought of your parents being always right or thinking of yourself as weak, thin, fat, lazy, etc.

You will find yourself believing in such things sub-consciously without thinking. The reason for this is that it was stored in your memory as truth when your brain was all open to accept inputs.

For the same reason, so many people find it extremely difficult to accept something which goes against their hardwired rule-book. The reason could be anything including fear, ego or assumption.

To put it simply, your life’s outline is decided in the first 5 to 8 years even without your approval. It seems scary, right?

Indeed it is.

Some people are too brave, some are way timid. Some are aggressive, some are defensive. Some are leaders, some are followers and so on and so forth.

Nobody chooses deliberately to be timid or a follower. But, it was explained to him as truth in those early years of his life and he follows that path all lifelong.
More often than not, a poor person’s child ends up poor and rich person’s child ends up rich. That is why the gap between rich and poor is always increasing.

It’s a chain reaction. Poor people stay poor because their thoughts are poor. They were convinced of taking fewer risks because they think life is harsh. They accept their faults because they think – that is their destiny.

But there are a few people who dare to challenge what is given to them. They deny the already defined rule-book for them. They love to write their own rules by their own means. And, to do that, they make efforts to reconfigure their sub-conscious mind’s rule-book. These are the people who go into history books.

Finally, a humble request. Don’t get your life defined by the rule-book written by somebody else.


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