Why the habit of ‘Reading Books’ is not so common?

We all know the importance of books in our lives. All successful individuals have this one common trait which helped them achieve extraordinary heights in their life and career. We admire these people who happen to read a lot of books. Don’t we?

Having said that, isn’t it ironic that we couldn’t get enough motivation to pick up that first book which has the potential to take our life to the next level?

Listed below are the top 4 reasons among many others, which stop us from getting that much needed inspiration and disguise us into living a mediocre life.

1. Lack of questioning existing beliefs

People have beliefs. And, those beliefs are very dear to them. We have this tendency to hang out with people who resonate with our belief system. No one likes to be challenged.

That is the core of the problem!

People want the answers but they don’t know what to ask. You are never going to reach the depth of something by asking superficial questions. You got to ask those tough questions.
Before actually looking for answers, the first step is to ask good questions. And, to ask good questions you need to change your mindset. Asking questions hurt our ego, challenge our beliefs and disrupt our world view. Learn to question everything. Don’t take anything for granted. And, you will automatically gravitate towards good books.

2. Immediate outcome is not visible

In this fast result-oriented life, we trust the processes which can give us immediate results. However, knowledge gathered from books doesn’t work that way. It manifests itself after a couple of years. Good books you read today will help you solve problems 5 years down the road.
We all face tricky problems everyday which we find ourselves totally unequipped to deal with. This happens because we didn’t read those books 5 years back which could have helped us today to solve the current problems in life. Think about it.

How can you put your future on the toss by making this choice of not reading books today?

3. Surrounded by people who don’t read

There is a great saying :

We are the average of 5 people we hangout with the most.

Look around and you won’t be able to find a single enthusiastic book reader in your vast circle of acquaintances. What does it tell you?

Very few people actually read with an intention to learn and grow.

Now, you have two options. Keep spending most of the time with those 5 people and be the average of them or start looking for these book lovers. Try to get to know them. Remember, knowledge can be infectious. Sit with these people and you will soon get infected by book reading habit.

4. Find it hard to figure out what to read

Many of us know that reading is essential for the intellectual growth, but they couldn’t figure out what to read. If you are in this situation, give a pat on your back. You are one step closer to getting control of your own destiny. The answer to this puzzle is – if you are stuck on this step of “what to read” that means you haven’t worked on above 3 points mentioned. As soon as you fix the above 3 points (mentioned in this article), you will never find it difficult to know what to read.

Happy Reading!!


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