Journey of life

We love train journeys. Don’t we? It’s a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenes, the greenery, lakes, rivers, mountains and so much more. More often than not, we get this rush of feelings that forces us to think, “what if we were there in those serene places, or how it would feel to walk on those empty green farms or to sit at those river banks and hear the calmness of the water?

So much we watch during our train journeys which we know we are never going to feel or be part of, but just a look of it gives us that thrill and reminds us of how beautiful our mother earth is and how much we are missing out by being stuck in our hollow, mechanical and mundane daily lifestyle.

Most of us live the life exactly like this. Let me put an analogy here. Train is “your boxed mindset”. Railway track is “your daily routine”. Scenery is “what we dream about – our passion, our love, over purpose, our heart’s interest”.

We are boxed in our life and have put it on auto-pilot with predefined destination. Exactly how trains are tied to their tracks with predefined destination.

We admire the view around us. We know what we love and what our hearts actually wants. But, a very few actually dare to jump out of the train to feel those beautiful places. Definitely, it involves a great amount of risk. Even then they do it. On the contrary, most of us just keep sitting in the train and happy to reach the predefined destination. How sad is that? Think about it.

How can you sit on a train and keep sitting on it when you already know the destination? Life has much more to offer. Don’t you think?

This reminds me of these beautiful quotes:

“Life is too short to be little” – Benjamin Disraeli

“For your life to be great, your faith must be bigger than your fears” – Robin Sharma

Jump out of your train right now! Stop living someone else’s life. You are just going to live ONCE.


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