Quantifying every little progress is not practical

How often we judge ourselves on our little progress? Striking off the checklist when the little goal is achieved. Sometimes we are tremendously happy when the little goal is achieved and sometimes miserable when we fail to.

Let’s explore the situation when the little goal is not met which makes us little or enormously gloomy. Questions such as what went wrong? How can it be done in a better way? envelop our mind.

Frankly, the list goes on.

Firstly, I would request you to rethink whether the little goal was properly set or not and secondly whether our mind is able to quantify what we learned that particular day, which we can understand or comprehend. This reminds me of a story.A little boy used to carry his newborn calf on his shoulders and roam around the city which was exciting for him. He continued doing so every day for a long time and then one day realized that he was carrying a fully grown bull.

On the same note, let me share my story, a real one!

Swimming is indeed a very good exercise but the learning process is tricky, isn’t it? Those who are good swimmers or currently learning to swim can easily connect. The practice lessons were very difficult to interpret with our consciousness and it was puzzling what further has been learned today than the previous day. It was indeed very difficult to quantify and justify our self that we learned something new. These tiny efforts, when continued with honesty and zeal, will provide the platform and one day we will realize that we are indeed swimming.

Lastly to conclude, learning new skills is really important just don’t get demoralized by quantifying the daily progress. When the objective is clear, enjoy the process and journey instead.

Quantifying every little progress is not practical.


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