Don’t be ‘JUST BUSY’

Life can be overwhelming to each one of us every now and then. Isn’t it? You always feel that there is a lot to do in so little time. Ask anyone and you will get to know that they are indeed ‘VERY VERY BUSY’.

By doing most of things over and over again, your days, months, years and even decades just pass by right in front of you. Suddenly, one day you wake up and see that few people who started right where you were a decade ago are now doing exceptionally well. A significant difference can easily be noticed.

What happened here? Why it happens to so many of us? Why one person in same amount of time achieves greater heights and the other (though being very busy) couldn’t get so far and end up being mediocre? A decade is a significant amount of time. Don’t you think?

Arguably the best mind ever lived, Albert Einstein rightly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
You can either decide to keep doing what you are doing and keep getting the same results or else you can test yourself in the sea of unknown. Choice is strictly yours and that makes all the difference.

One person is happy in doing same stuff which he is comfortable in and falls into the trap of ‘BEING BUSY’, while the other (the over achiever) actually is pausing at proper interval and asking important questions to himself. Questions such as – Where am I going? Am I going to do justice with my talent if I keep on doing what I do? Have I got more in myself which is worth a try? Do I want to die mediocre?

But, just asking questions is not good enough. You have to carefully listen to your inner voice. Direct yourself based on those answers you get from within. Don’t hold yourself back for anyone. Take that first step towards your dream. Constant redirection of your life is so very important. Try various things. Push your limits. Challenge your thoughts. Refine them. Meet smarter people. Learn from them. Do whatever it takes to bring the best out of you. You owe yourself this. There might be several setbacks and dead ends along the way, but, after a decade you can proudly say that,”I wasn’t ‘JUST BEING BUSY’. I was WORK IN PROGRESS”.

At the end, you won’t even believe what you achieved. Results will speak for themselves.

Good luck!


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