The magical ingredient!

As a human being we all want to excel in our life, be it a better job opportunity, more happiness, better place to live in, keeping fitness at peak and so on. The wish list is indeed a long one and completely personal opinion, but all of these are depending on one vital ingredient.

Instead of going directly to that magical vital ingredient, let’s uncover some other interesting behavior. We are designed in such a way that we require some time for us, which is our own personal time and I call it “metime”. The time used for own contemplation, mediation or even a jog to connect our inner self deeply. This is a must to rejuvenate our self.

Now, coming to the magical ingredient which is indeed very common but sometimes we are not conscious about it, which is “connection”. Why…?  Let’s explore!

In order to excel in a particular area/domain we have to expose our self to that and the best way is to meet people. The ones who are in the same field, the like minded people. The more we interact, discuss and engage our self with someone who is on the same turf the better we become. For example, One is interested to learn a musical instrument. So look for communities near your place, online/offline training and connect to as many as possible. The more we are connected the more we learn! And this can be associated to every sphere of life, be it sports, technology, poetry or even spirituality!

What is your opinion?


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