How to achieve your maximum every day?

We all desire to perform well and give our best every day. How can we achieve it daily? Is it very tough to achieve it? Fortunately, not really 😊, it is indeed very easy and simple. The trick lies solely on one basic routine which we ignore mostly without realizing its intense power.

Did the below comparison help? Yes, it all depends on how we embrace that particular day or I would say every day.

Just after waking up and starting our daily chores lies those moments which conditioned our mind for the day. The very thought of the dreaded meeting or getting late or any other thought which triggers anxiety will stick with the whole day making us tired and drained. Instead spend those special moments showing gratitude, praying for your near and dear ones and thanking the superpower for the fantastic life. This will definitely need a couple of minutes, hence it is wise to prepone the alarm clock to intently follow the rituals rather cutting the rituals for a longer sleep. Though it is very simple yet very powerful, sometimes the finest things can be experienced by doing some simple routine.


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