Things I do in Love !

Blushing at your sign.

Red like wine.

Morning six to evening nine.

I’m yours and you’re mine.

Moments are the few.

Sea like blue.

Some old and some are new.

You kissed me or I kissed you.

Scenes I have seen.

Fresh like green.

In aw of them I have been.

I’m your guy and you’re my queen.

Standing upright.

Clean like white.

Fightful love or love filled fight.

You’re by my side and I’m your Right.

That Grab by the waist.

Strawberry pink taste.

Slowly not in haste.

Lips on lips so beautifully placed.

Intense are the eyes.

Saffron like wise.

One winks as the other rise.

As you said they never speak lies.

Blood to the vein.

Rainbow like reign.

Sometimes mad sometimes sane.

Our love drives life in happiest lane.


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