A few things we don’t do !

“Everyday I meet,

A beggar from the street,

She asks me for money,

While touching my feet.

I look at her with frown,

Avoids her and walk.

I rather should’ve stopped,

To have little talk.

She might be wanting food,

Or a little cup of tea.

What If I have had helped her.

How wonderful that would be.”


“Everyday I see,

This girl I really adore.

By ground side she sits.

And I want to see her more.

I look at her,

While she gives me a glance.

She mocks the stalker,

While I think I have a chance.

One way or another,

I tried to have a talk.

Asked her for a coffee,

With a scrawny little joke.

Offended as she was,

So rightfully too.

But what she knows of me I asked.

Is that the real you?

No no I’m not.

Then shouldn’t I apologize?

But how should I do it.

What manner would be wise?”


“Saturday afternoon,

A call from my mom,

A usual one at that,

As I’m away from home.

Missing me she was,

While I was in a rough mood.

To her love and concerns,

I reacted very rude.

The sweetest person in my life,

My super caring mother.

Just wanted to know I’m alright,

She loves me like no other.

Repented in the evening,

As she might as well have cried.

A call to talk to her back,

Not once I tried.

I wanted to say sorry,

A good thing I didn’t do.

Why I take her granted,

When I love her so much too.”

Source- https://www.facebook.com/satyavrit

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