41 life hacks for an enriching 2019

Everyone wants to be happy but only a few people can really achieve real happiness for a longer period of time in their lives.

It is not that they are not trying for it. But, they feel that void within them. Constantly looking for something more.

Ironically, the more you run after the happiness the quicker it gets away from you. Isn’t it?

And, when you actually understand the mechanism behind the happiness, you are either too old or dead or both.

So, why not try to figure out the ways to achieve everlasting happiness in our lives?

Honestly, these life hacks are quite simple to do. But, for some reason, we make things harder for ourselves.

Below you will find list of very small changes you can incorporate and turnaround your life to make it more happier, fulfilling and enjoyable in 2019 and beyond. These changes will work like a charm for you.

Give it a try and see the difference.

1. Expect less and give more – people usually do this in reverse order.
2. Don’t compare yourself with others. You are disrespecting yourself by doing so.
3. Spend less on things you don’t really need.
4. Read something – you will get smarter than you already are.
5. Drink an extra glass of water.
6. Smile for no reason – Smile goes a long way.
7. Meditate for 5-8 mins before you get out of your bed – Mind is your greatest strength and hardest to tame.
8. Don’t check your phone while eating food – Many are not that lucky to have it. Enjoy your meal.
9. Drive on long empty roads.
10. Leave a tip for the waiter – It might make his/her day. You never know.
11. Hug often – Everyone needs it and very few offer it.
12. Listen to people more – People love to be heard. It gives them a sense of importance.
13. Give your used clothes to the poor – clothes on someone in need are always better than they sitting in the closet.
14. Have a hot cup of coffee with someone you care.
15. Run for 10 mins – sweating renews you in every possible way.
16. Avoid social networking websites for at least an hour – if you think about it, no one actually cares what you are doing.
17. Take the stairs whenever possible.
18. Avoid judging people often – you don’t know what they are going through.
19. Call a friend just to say hello – People love happy surprises.
20. Don’t take life for granted. Live in the moment – someone is hanging on to the last breath and can give anything to live.
21. Spend time alone – knowing yourself better is the best investment you can do in yourself.
22. Ask questions – assumptions can be too good to ignore. Stand out. Reason everything.
23. Talk to your parents more. You are going to miss them when they are gone.
24. Standup for yourself because no one else will.
25. Set boundaries with people.
26. Don’t say YES if you don’t mean it.
27. Keep yourself warm.
28. Keep a plant on your desk.
29. Spend some time on your hobby.
30. Take risks by believing in your instincts.
31. Go to a library once in a while.
32. Invest for your old age.
33. Don’t take life too seriously.
34. Indulge lesser in addictive habits.
35. Brush your teeth before you go to bed.
36. Dream bigger.
37. Admire this world. Take care of your eyes.
38. Don’t settle for less. Make things happen.
39. Sleep, cry, hold, jump, and love like a baby.
40. Give food to animals – being on top of the food chain comes with the responsibilities.
41. Look at yourself in the mirror often. You are the one. The World only has a single copy of you. BE PROUD of yourself.


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