Your heart is your best GPS

In today’s era, you can’t imagine a life without a GPS (Global Positioning System). You believe in the directions provided by it more than anything else. Definitely, GPS has become an integral part of our survival.

Unfortunately, it has a big limitation.

As you know, Universe is nothing but an elegant mesh of SPACE and TIME. All GPSes we rely upon the most can help you travel in SPACE i.e. they can take you from point A to point B. However, when it comes to travel in TIME or in other words – to direct us in the unknown future, these GPSes are of no use.

But don’t worry. For this very reason, we are blessed with the best GPS we can possibly have – “HEART”. As long as you are following the directions given by your Heart, rest assured that you are diving into a future having the most enriched and fulfilling experiences of your life.

Let’s get on to the great features of this BEST GPS.

Gives you moments to enjoy along the journey

As the GPS shows us places to enjoy, to eat, to rest, to shop while driving, HEART shows us ways to enjoy every single moment of our journey in the best possible way.

It somehow knows your destination and what you really want

Like GPS, HEART knows our destination. It knows what we really want in life. Believe in it. Follow the instincts.

Shows you the path with least traffic

As our GPS shows us the path which has the least traffic, HEART takes you on a path which is rarely taken and is the best for you. People in herds are following a path because of fear.

Without it, you are lost in the unknown

As with our GPS, if we lose it we are completely lost and helpless. So is the case with the HEART. If you lose it while moving forward in your life you are aimless and impactless.

It makes you aware of your current location

The way GPS tells you your ‘current’ location on the map, the HEART helps you be in the ‘current’ moment, where there are not guilts of the past and no worries of the future.

In short, there is absolutely NO reason not to follow your heart.


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