Save the planet! Save Now!

As a human being, all of us wants to stay happy, isn’t it? We desperately want that one particular thing in our life. Anyone who disagrees, please let us know in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!

Happiness can be achieved by various means. ‘By helping others’ is one of the ways.

Happiness is the consequence of what we do and how we behave. By helping someone we can feel tremendous happiness. All of our emotional hormones are at their peak, helping us in two ways.

Firstly, we start cherishing the happiness we get by helping others.

Secondly, by helping someone such as our family members, friends, colleagues, pet, or an unknown person on a street or railway station – we collect many browny points on an invisible Grade Card – KARMA! 

Karma does matter!

Why not fill that invisible grade card with our good work and help. Delving deeper into the topic, let’s explore the astounding planet Earth which is very much related to our topic. The Earth is rotating at a speed of 1000 miles per hour or 460 meters per second without even an iota of human help, but we together can make a lot of contribution to the mother earth to make it a better place. We are not going to stay here for a very long time so why not make our stay worthwhile.

Take the initiative. Take that baby step and help in conserving our mother Earth! It’s just a matter of a few small steps taken over a period of time. 

We can start with switching off the electrical appliances when not in use, thereby saving tremendous power. A basic habit that is still missing in our lives. Here, let me share my personal experience, once I started doing these things I experienced a fabulous sensation. Don’t miss that opportunity to feel boundless. There are many people who still don’t get to use electricity and stay in dark. Let’s take a step towards conserving electricity and experience the happiness that we get from our this new habit. 

Another simple step could be to turn off the water taps when not in use. Water scarcity is a major issue that our world is currently facing. Just imagine one morning you get up from your bed and you don’t get water to use. Just think…. Thanks to our population, even a single drop of water saved by us can make a huge difference. 

Littering not only makes the Earth dirty place to live but also some wastes such as plastic waste chokes the natural water flow, causing flooding. Carry a tiny dustbin, be it the side pocket of your backpack, your pocket or purse.

Even though we can afford to stuff our plate with a lot of food, it does not mean that we can waste the food. Many people around us sleep empty stomach. Hence feel the motivation within you to not waste food. We can inculcate this habit by taking a small portion of food, finish it and then go for next serving. Remember, that little walk will help us to reduce the calories.

Owing to our worlds population, a small contribution from each of us, when combined, can cause a magnanimous effect.

Spread the message! Start it now! Ask your near and dear ones too. Make a difference. Just think of an invisible grade card that gives you score on doing something to preserve the mother Earth.

Why not leave the planet with a good grade? Good for us and best for others!


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