You can LIVE LONGER than you think

Let’s face it. We all want to go to heaven but unwilling to die. If we get an opportunity to add an extra 10 years to our life span, we would go grab it with both hands.

However, we all know that is not how this works. So, it compels us to think – “What if there was another way to achieve this?”.

If you ask this question to someone or read about potential answers on the internet, you would get the below answers [most of the time] :

1. Live your life to the fullest
2. Eat healthily
3. Exercise regularly
4. Do what you love

and so on and so forth…

We know all about these ways to live longer. Information about this is scattered all over the place. Though all these old school ways are helpful to a certain extent, these are not insanely smart ways. I hope you would agree with me on this.

What if I say there is another subtle way (which I am sure we know subconsciously but we never notice it)? Let me give you an example.

Think about the time when you drive to work, to a friend’s place, to a restaurant or to any other place for that matter. You would feel like ‘the time it took for you to reach these places was much longer than the time it took for you to return. Though the distance remains the same’ – An easily ignorable difference in time lapsed but a significant one.

It happens with us because as humans we have a tendency to attach ourselves to the destination. And, when we do so, time slows down for us. As a result, we feel like we spent more time than we actually did on that task.

Interestingly, while we are on our return trip – we don’t have any destination to attach ourselves to. And, we start enjoying the journey [affinity to destination dissolves completly]. Thereby, we feel like time lapsed is much lesser than it actually had.

It’s human psychology. We can play with our brains by making it believe that the time lapsed was lesser than the actual – THAT IS A TIME GAINED FOR US.

Isn’t it rational to say that as soon as we shift our focus from DESTINATION to the JOURNEY, subconsciously we are buying ourselves more time?

What an awesome way to add years to our life but we ignore to do it every single day.

What a great way of living longer or I should say “feeling like you are living longer”.


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