How to avoid unnecessary clutter?

How many times in your life you were anxious or fearful for some future outcome? Dreaded the traffic? Tensed about a meeting outcome (not the public speaking or presenting part)? Assumed the relationship wouldn’t work? And the list goes on.

Did one of these or similar situations struck you in the past or hovering around you now? More often than not, the reason behind it is that as a human being we like to stay happy and perfect in our lives by following the known roads so that we are ready to handle the situation. We forget the happy moments and remember the gamut of bad experiences. Isn’t it? Is your answer to this NO?

In that case, I would suggest to take a pen and paper and write at least 25 situations which made you happy and you are proud of. Note the time it took for you to write those down. Now, note down the anxious or bad memories you might have had on the piece of paper. The difference between the time taken to complete both the lists will speak for itself.

Suggestion: Whenever the mind drifts, take a pause and breathe consciously. Yes, simple conscious breathing will change everything like a miracle. Majority of evil thoughts that comes to our mind are just drifting. Stay focused and breathe consciously to avoid getting involved in those evil thoughts.


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