How to live life to your fullest?

Humans are interesting, aren’t they? By looking at other living beings, we perform a lot of similar activities but in a more different and efficient way. Which makes us think that we are more intelligent than others, sitting on the top of the food chain.

As a human being, we want to be happy, have a great family, earn significant money, and enjoy the advanced technologies. There will be a long list of items which we think will make us happy, right? However, most of us still feel that void in their lives. A piece that is missing and we desperately want to fill it. That missing piece is MOTIVATION which plays a vital rule in pushing us further every single day to strive for happiness and completeness in our lives.

We have heard a lot about this fancy word ‘MOTIVATION’ in every book, blog, documentary, pep talk etc., but somehow it gets lost from our life, isn’t it?

Even a laptop or server gets hung and needs a reboot. When a machine which is devoid of any emotions can get stuck, a human being with so much intelligence, emotion can easily get de-motivated. So, the deal is to stay motivated most of the time so that we can pursue our objectives and goals and experience our higher self.

People have different ways of getting themselves motivated. For some, a pep talk, for some, a paragraph from the book which can trigger the neurons or for some, a face to face talk with a person can do the trick.

Some get motivated when they walk or run, some when they swim and the list goes on and on. If you pursue your hobby or activities which you enjoy doing, that will definitely motivate you. Personally, I felt a rigorous walk flushes out the negative and dull energy and makes my vision clearer.

What is your way to get MOTIVATED?


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