Recently, an interesting study was carried out in order to better understand the factors responsible for success. How a few of us overachieve in their life by overcoming all the fears and barriers. Irrespective of their circumstances, they prove themselves and get themselves going forward no matter what.

To understand the root of successful people, this study analyzed a bunch of possible parameters such as intelligence, IQ, family backgrounds, financial status, education backgrounds, and lifestyles, which the analysts thought could define ‘Success’. This exercise was carried out on subjects with lower intelligence vs higher intelligence, with exceptional IQ vs moderate IQ people, with strong family backgrounds vs weak family backgrounds, with rich vs poor, with college dropouts vs Ph.D. holders. However, surprisingly, none of these factors helped them reach to any conclusion, whatsoever.

So, what is it that actually decides your success?

The study found that it is the ‘GRIT’ that differentiates the underachievers from over performers. Its the potential of getting yourself back into the game when you are hit the hardest that matters the most.

Those who never stop trying are the ones who actually succeed.


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