Because powerful thoughts create a powerful reality

Today I am going to talk a little bit about this fancy yet powerful word ‘Meditation’. Many of us don’t believe in the power of it. It’s a hard truth. However, we keep on hearing interesting stuff about it. Like, how meditation heals our body, reduces stress and expands the reach of a human soul. But, still, we couldn’t induce a spark or thrill about it. I would say, Meditation is one of the subjects which is still to be understood well enough.

Having said that, what do you think is the missing piece? Why is it so? Why there are so many myths, questions, misinterpretations about this topic. The reason is – its ‘SIMPLE’. Yes. That’s it.

We as human beings are programmed in such a way that we look for complex reasoning for complex problems. And thereby try to find complex solutions for it. Mr. Einstein rightly said and I quote, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

So, basically, it boils down to one thing – we have not understood it as yet. And, it is not that we did not try to. But then it comes to one more property of humans. We believe in things or concepts which have the ability to disorientate our reality and perspective. Don’t we? We tend to look for immediate results and benefits which Meditation can offer to us. And what we find is nothing that mediation is helping me solve. Confused? Now is the time to burst your reality. Let’s get onto it.

Think about the last time you tried to research about Meditation to know more about it and how to gain from it. Okay, now think about what you actually did to find the answers? Oh yes, you GOOGLED it. Isn’t it? Congratulations, we found the root of the problem.

Every time we look for answers, the internet is our last resort. And, whatever we find is some stuff that is only going to inflate your existing perspective (which is ‘Not believing in Meditation’). But, contrasting fact is, Meditation is all about bursting your perspective and thinking beyond your current virtual reality. As a matter of fact, you are creating PARADOX for yourself.

If you really want to start learning about Meditation, I would personally suggest you to expand your perspective first. That’s the key. I am not saying GOOGLE doesn’t help us to understand the reality around us. But, try to look for answers from other channels with different perspectives as well. Talk to people. Read more about it. Challenge your understandings. Destroy your virtual reality. Expand your horizons.

I truly believe that Meditation, in its core, helps you in refining your thought processing to get to know the reality better. Because powerful thoughts create a powerful reality.


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