Haunted and humongous

A memorable trip to Los Angeles (California)

I was driving at 90 mph tops on freeways, crossing Arizona-California state border.

There are many things you notice and many you don’t when you are driving with friends and relatives or both. However, I was driving by myself in midst of hot and sunny concrete roads with nowhere to halt for 120 miles stretch. All of a sudden, I saw my fuel indicator dying. To make the situation worse, next to the gas station was 72 miles away. My heart started pounding really hard.


Meanwhile, these hot sunny deserted roads are haunting me and pushing me to drive fast and faster. In the middle of this chaos, “a beautiful implemented idea in action” caught my attention. There were some 5000 humongous white colored windmills rotating on the sheer mountains on both sides of the freeway. I couldn’t resist checking the normal wind speeds in this particular area and wasn’t surprised at all to find that wind usually flow 170% faster in this region.

Sometimes, these small things make a huge difference. Let’s try to recycle the available resources we have instead of going blindly and recklessly. At least, we owe this much to our coming generations for their better future.

Finally, got a twinkle in my eye, seeing the gas station (as you can see below). I pulled over, had some dark coffee, filled up the tank and got along with my road trip.


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